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The purpose of these awards is to recognise and reward superior IT and Digital accomplishments across a varied spectrum.

It rewards all - The IT Service companies, The End-User companies and The Government Departments – for technological solutions, applications and improvements that have transformed businesses.

Category 1 is devided in 4 section
Category 1A Category 1B Category 1C Category 1D
Nascent “Born Digital” Startups Mid-level solution / product oriented Digital companies Pure Play Digital / online companies Established IT and Technology Service companies
You are a new startup Co with a new / disruptive idea and have set up a digital business after 1-Jan-19 and with annual (2021) revenues between Rs 1 – 10 crore* You are company using smart digital tech in your product or services

Annual (2021) revenues between Rs 10-100 crore*
Companies having 2021 revenues more than 100 crore* primarily from new digital / online /virtual business models, disrupting legacy businesses Mid Large scale technology solution companies providing products / services that help transform other businesses digitally across sectors
* More than 75% of the turnover should be from digital / online technologies

Rules for 2021 Awards

  • Award will be given on the basis of best implementation of a project or practice using digital / IT tools and processes
  • Wherever applicable, the awards will be given in two sub-categories : large scale and small scale companies. The cut-off limit for this is Rs 500 crore net revenue in the last reported fiscal year (Mar-2019 or calendar 2020)
  • To be uploaded on or sent to
  • Jury decision will be final and binding
  • In case of doubt please reach out to :
    Ms Selby Nambisan, Director – IT & Events, at +91 22 71226659 or email at
    Mr. Narendra Kadam, Deputy Director – IT at 9833351219 or email at

Award Categories in Group 1 : SMART TECH COMPANIES

These are companies which use new age digital business models or digital technologies and such use contributes to more than 75 percent of their turnover.

They are divided into following three categories – nascent startups, mid-level adolescents and “grown up” adult companies with a vision to become unicorns

  • Nascent “Born Digital” Start ups – primarily baby or early stage startups with a new and disruptive idea, and have set up a nascent business with some revenue (not prerevenue stage). They should have an annual net revenue of Rs 1-10cr in calendar 2021 and should have been set up on or after 1-Jan-2019. Such startups would usually be in the process of being recognized and scaling up -> they may be a future B or C category company (description below)
  • Solution or Product oriented Mid-level digital companies: primarily mid-sized smart technology led companies which use digital tech to make a product or provide a project or solution. Typical net revenue would be in the bracket of Rs 10-100 cr in calendar 2021. These can also be digital consulting companies or alliance partners for larger corporations.
    • We may segregate fintech companies in this section
    • And also some of the software / pure-tech companies in this section
  • Pure Play Digital / Online companies having primarily an online / virtual new business model, large companies, disrupting the legacy models of doing business across multiple sectors and having a total revenue of more than Rs 100 cr in 2021.
    1 - A 1 - B 1 - C
    Net revenue between 1 - 10 cr and set up within last 3yrs Net revenue between 10-100 cr Net revenue Above 100 cr
  • Other Technology Companies: Other mid / large scale technology companies providing IT and digital products and / or services which help transform other businesses digitally across sectors in India and globally.

Award Categories in Group 2 - Organisations embracing Digital Transformation

These awards will be given on the basis of companies in the following industry sectors:

  • BFSI and NBFC Sector (2 Awards with net revenue <500 cr and>500cr)
  • Manufacturing and Engineering (2 Awards with net revenue <500 cr and>500cr)
  • Healthcare and Pharma / Chemical Process Industry (2 Awards with net revenue <500 cr and>500cr)
  • Utilities & Energy: Telecom, Gas, Infrastructure, Electricity, Transportation, Logistics, etc. (2 Awards with net revenue <500 cr and>500cr)
  • Education and Training (2 Awards with net revenue <500 cr and>500cr)
  • Retail / Ecommerce (2 Awards with net revenue <500 cr and>500cr)
  • Others – not covered above (2 Awards with net revenue <500 cr and>500cr)

Award Categories in Group 3 - Government and Public Sector Units having Digital Strategy

  • Government and Public Sector:
    • This includes Govt Departments undertaking digital transformation and services across central, state and district level
    • PSU companies who have embarked on digital journeys. – This will also include PSU companies who have put in a digital blueprint and started on their first few digital projects.

Application Process

There are three parts to the application procedure :

Part – A :

Consists of the details of the applicant company, the contact points, and declaration regarding the project done

Part – B :

Consists of the detailed questionnaire to be filled based on the category of award applied for

Part – C :

A video file of LESS THAN 3 minutes showcasing / explaining the project should be attached along with the application.