WINNERS - IMC Digital Technology Awards 2014

Category 1

IT Services

Large My Mobile Payments Ltd. For implementation of "Money on Mobile" which enables consumers to make payments to merchants, using their Mobile Phones.
Large HCL Technologies Limited For the implemention of their Klanten APP framework which is a mobile channel for Life, Non-Life and Investing Banking business.
SME SIERRA ODC Private Limited For implementation of e-Facilities which is a modular enterprise Management System that enables management of enterprise facilities for clients both in India and overseas.

IT Products

Large Bahwan CyberTek Pvt. Ltd. For their CUECENT, e-Remote, e-flash money system that automates the process of remittances received by a bank from Exchange Bureaus worldwide. The system processess over 3.5 million transactions per annum.
Large National Informatics Centre, Software Development Unit Pune For their GRAS - Government Receipt Accounting System that has enabled online payments of Rs 53,121 crores to the Government from 2011 to 15-Jan-2014.
SME Ramco Systems Ltd. For implementation of their ERP on the Cloud.


Large Aegis Limited For their system that generates intelligence by accessing and analyzing news and social media networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter and Blogs for strategic customers experience.
SME RuralShores Business Services Pvt. Ltd. For establishment of 17 networks of rural centres that provide services such as frame processing transactions and their technology services, thus creating jobs for about 2,500 villagers.

Category 2


  "IMC- Persistent Systems Award in Corporate Social Responsibility presented to RailTel Corporation of India Ltd. " For establishing 36 institutions in rural areas equipped with Computers, Video Conferencing facilities, Power backup and Administrators, which network is expected to increase to 70. Over 1,200 members of the rural population have already benefited from these facilities.


  "IMC- Datamatics Global Services Ltd. Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding contribution to the IT Industry presented to F.C. Kohli." For having led TCS which is the largest IT Services Company in India,and establishing India on the map of the IT world.


  Datamatics Global Services Ltd. For their continued emphasis on Quality both in HR and in Software and winning numerous Awards. Being the only IT Company in India to have won the Asia Pacific Quality Award for Services over 38 countries including USA, Canada, Russia, Japan and Australia.

Category 3

Emerging Technologies

  "IMC - Atul Nishar Foundation Award for Excellence in Emerging Technologies presented to Forbes Technosys Limited." For their multi-device, multi-modal, multi-channel, multi-services and mutli-city, National Payment Grid Network, to enable Digital, Financial & Social Inclusions in India.
  "IMC-Zensar Technologies Award for Excellence in Emerging Technologies presented to Infocrats Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd." For their implementation of GPS Technology and Mobile Phones, to locate Police Stations and the location of crimes in the city of Indore.

Category 4

MNC Captive Units

  Delphi Technical Centre India For designing and developing of automated electronics and mechanical products, integrated into vehicles including Tata Nano.

Category 5


Large Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. For creating a multi-broker, multi-exchange and multi-asset online trading services platform using open technologies, that can support 5,000 concurrent users with redundancies.


Large Sterlite Technologies Ltd. For having installed a very comprehensive system to get intelligence of markets on Customers, Products and Competitors which includes unstructured data.
SME Telemedicine Centre, Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital For the use of IT to provide Healthcare services to distant, unreachable patients. This has enabled 150 medical professionals to provide diagnosis using the network to over 12,000 patients in 78 Centres and having saved several hundreds of lives.


SME Meru Cab Co. Pvt. Ltd. For the use of integrating IT and GPS systems in over 5,500 cabs enabling automatic assignment of cabs to customers, thus and helping the company gain competitive advantage in the market place.


Large K Raheja Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. For implementation of online portal to integrate their operations with the Suppliers and Contractors. integrating e-tendering, reverse options and forward options.


Large VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd. For implementation of their cross border EDGE project implemented in 43 countries that integrated Material Management, Human Resources, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, etc.
Large National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. For implementation of new generation trading system using Open Source Software that processes 300+ million messages in one trading day, increasing order processing rate, reducing latency and reducing equipment cost.
Large BSE Ltd. For implementing e-Boss based on the Cloud that has made trading robust secure real time online survellence system helping the members to monitor their client trading activitites.
SME Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Noida For their speech to speech translation system that enables translation of Hindi to over 22 other languages and vice-versa and helps multiple users communicate in different languages.