Grasim Industries Limited – Pulp & Fibre Business (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Digital Twin – Chillers and Cooling Towers

Chillers are assets that help in cooling the water that is required for the fibre production and it consumes about 15% of the total energy consumption at one of our plant. There are 12 Chillers in the plant with 6 connected Cooling Towers for the entire cooling process of the water. The operators run the same at different loads and time interval based on the need. It consumes high amount of power and there are multiple parameters involved in deciding which all Chillers to run optimally, it is humanly very difficult to achieve the best possible efficiency. Hence, it was decided to build a Digital Twin in Utilities with additional sensors such as RPM, Vibration and TDS to make an AI driven decision of Chiller loading and associated process condition monitoring. The Digital Twin implementation with 24 Energy Meters, 36 Sensors, 12 Chillers and 6 Cooling Towers Asset Integration, with AI Driven Predictive Alerts made huge change in the way the process is run every day. Baseline was set based on the historic energy consumption and Post Facto Benefit of ~1500 kwh/Day/Unit was quantified

Automated Visual Inspection System

AI Based Vision Analytics solution to identify blockages in one of the critical assets in the heart of the Fibre Manufacturing Process. Specialized gantry system with a high-performance camera that inspects the asset in less than 1.5 minutes compared to the 15-minute manual inspection. Edge processing of the inspection results with a cloud-based dashboard for historical analysis. This Innovative Digital Intervention is a gamechanger and has led to Quality Improvement and Process Consistency.