Collector Office Nandurbar

Overview: During Covid19 second wave, number of patients affected due to covid been increased multi-fold within few days and it became very difficult for common citizens to find beds. Ambulance availability for Covid affected patients becomes very difficult due to rapid increase of covid 19 infection. That situation made us to provide some technological solution for this need of common citizens of district where the idea of Ambulance tracking been taken forward.

Process in details: To provide live status of beds availability for Covid patients and district disaster team, a web based application been designed. This application been updated by all hospitals in district by every 4 hours. This way it gives real time picture of available beds for covid patients in district and send alert to district disaster team if availability gets below 20%. This is possible due to technology and made very convenient for common citizens of district and useful for district disaster team.

Ambulances been fitted with GPS equipment so that their movement been tracked on map and details of ambulance and driver been provided on map itself so that the common citizen who is in need of ambulance can directly call the nearest ambulance at his door step within few minutes.

Technology: Using Bootstrap, PHP (Version 7.3.30), HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX & backend as Mysqli the system hosted with multiple hospital to update the beds details.

Important stakeholders: District administration Nandurbar, DM office, District health department, Disaster management Team, Common citizens and Covid Hospital staff from private hospitals.